PRISM – MAEMOD workshop in Infectious Disease Modelling, Research and Training 25 -29 September 2017

September 25, 2017 - September 30, 2017

Please find the program here.


PRISM and MAEMOD are running a joint workshop to foster and enhance research collaboration between the two groups and develop shared training opportunities.

The 5 day workshop will consist of two days focused on training and three days on collaborative research opportunities.

Delivery of training will be trialled using a “clinic drop-in” model, whereby workshop attendees will be given the opportunity to present a problem and/or request help with certain modelling techniques during the workshop (proposals to be submitted to the organisers ahead of the workshop, 1 page A4 limit). Teams of researchers (junior and senior) will then tackle these problems over a number of days, before reporting back or delivering training classes on those topics of interest.

The research focussed sessions will consist of invited and contributed talks with significant time set aside for discussion. Major topics for focus are:

  • Within-host modelling, particularly in the context of drug trials and evolutionary modelling;
  • Agent-based modelling, with a focus on structured populations. In the context of evolutionary problems, the links to within-host dynamics will be explored (i.e. multi-scale modelling);


Through its student and post-doctoral support schemes, PRISM will offer financial support to core PRISM members interested in attending the workshops, subject to applicants’ successful articulation of the relevance and likely benefits of attendance.

All others (PRISM affiliates, MAEMOD staff, colleagues and affiliates) are welcome to attend the workshop at no charge, but must self-fund. Video conferencing facilities will be made available wherever possible for  people unable to attend in person to participate in the workshop. Please mention if this is your preference upon registration.

Who Should Attend

  • The workshop is targeted towards researchers engaged in infectious diseases modelling with an interest in deepening their skills in within-host and/or agent-based modelling. Epidemiologists, clinicians and public health professionals who make use of outputs from these models and who wish to hear about the latest research are also encouraged to attend.

How to register

EOI’s including clinic questions (1 page A4 maximum!) should be submitted via email to by the 28th of July 2017 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Registration requests should be sent to the same email address no later than the 25th of August 2017 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.