James McCaw

James McCaw is Professor of Mathematical Biology and an infectious diseases epidemiologist at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where he holds a split appointment between the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and was awarded an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (2011-15). His interests span from modelling the within-host dynamics of infection to public health control strategies, with a particular emphasis on influenza and malaria.

Within PRISM², James co-leads the respiratory viruses theme, with projects focusing on the host-immune response to influenza and developing real-time outbreak detection and forecasting tools. He has further interests in the emergence of drug-resistance under the emerging diseases theme, with projects on artemisinin resistance for malaria and ivermectin resistance for onchocerciasis.

Current students (PhD)Tiffany LeungMichael Lydeamore, Juan Pablo Villanueva CabezasAlex Zarebski

Past students (PhD): Ada Yan

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