About Us

PRISM, the Centre for Research Excellence in Policy Relevant Infectious diseases Simulation and Mathematical Modelling, was established in late 2014 with funding support from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Centres of Research Excellence funding scheme.

PRISM² brings together experts in infectious diseases epidemiology, public health and mathematical and computational modelling to solve pressing issues in applied infectious diseases research and develop new methods for the study of disease distribution and transmission.

The centre has nodes based at the University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Adelaide, James Cook University and University of New South Wales.

PRISM has published a User’s Guide to Infectious Disease Modelling which can be accessed here.

For details about the Centre’s Governance, including Steering Group and Academic Advisory Board members, please visit this page.

For any Postdoctoral and PhD opportunities in the fields of transmission modelling, phylogenetics, pathogen ecology, epidemiology, and any topic broadly aligned with infectious disease dynamics.

In relation to any Postdoctoral and PhD positions we would like to refer you to IDD Jobs.

If you wish to provide feedback or have any questions you can contact the Centre here.



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