Neglected Tropical Disease Control – The Case for Adaptive, Location-specific Solutions

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Booth M, Clements A. (2018). Neglected Tropical Disease control – the case for adaptive, location-specific solutions. Trends in Parasitology. Published online ahead of print: DOI: 1016/


The world is experiencing environmental and social change at an unprecedented rate, with the effects being felt at local, regional, and international scales. This phenomenon may disrupt interventions against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) that operate on the basis of linear scaling and ‘one-size-fits-all’. Here we argue that investment in field-based data collection and building modelling capacity is required; that it is important to consider unintended consequences of interventions; that inferences can be drawn from wildlife ecology; and that interventions should become more location-specific. Collectively, these ideas underpin the development of adaptive decision-support tools that are sufficiently flexible to address emerging issues within the Anthropocene.