Rob Moss

Rob works at the University of Melbourne with James McCaw and Jodie McVernon.

Rob uses mathematical models of biological systems (from sub-organ to population) to address questions concerning the dynamics of the biological system and how its behaviour can be influenced, whether by regulatory processes or interventions (both direct and indirect).

To date, his research has comprised two distinct themes:

(1) Methods for mitigating the burden of seasonal and pandemic influenza (including targeted antiviral distribution and epidemic forecasting); and

(2) Understanding neurohumoral regulation of renal water and sodium excretion (with repercussions for whole-body homeostasis).

In addition to these research interests, he is actively interested in broader issues related to model-driven science, including the dissemination of models (including source code, parameter sets, analysis scripts, etc), and effective communication of research outputs through the use of visualisations.