PRISM² staff and students will be attending the Epidemics 5 conference to be held in Florida December 1st – 4th 2015.

Oral presentations:

James McCaw – The roles of innate and adaptive immunity in controlling influenza infection

Joshua Ross –Characterising pandemic severity and transmissibility from FF100 data

Pengxing Cao – On the mechanisms of artemisinin action in plasmodium falciparum clearance

Ada Yan – On the extinction probability in models of within-host infection: the role of latency and immunity

Poster presentations:

Rob Moss – Forecasting influenza outbreak dynamics from metropolitan Melbourne surveillance data

Juan Pablo Villanueva Cabezas – The natural turnover of village (backyard) chickens undermines vaccine efforts to control H5N1. A modelling approach

Ada Yan – The effect of within-patch basic reproduction numbers and patch connectivity in a metapopulation model on the extinction time distribution of an epidemic

More to come…